A Hand Book on Computer Basics

A Hand Book on Computer Basics



The CS and ICT Technologies have also changed in their structure and figure. Every New Year has an additional ‘Technology baby’ in its tour. But, still the fundamental concepts of Computer Science considered being compulsory for every beginner. In this context, the book provides the complete concepts of available Computer Science and Information Technologies to make the reader more contented and confident. Contents of this book are presented in simple language & manner so that a beginner can find this book fully tailored to his/her requirements and the one who is already in this field will find it more informative. The book presents Basic computers in a very simple way and easy to understand with the help of relevant examples. Consequently, this book is very beneficial for all the students of any Universities or Colleges or anybody pursuing the courses of Computer Technology, who need an easy hand book like a ladder to reach the world of expert computer science literature






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