The Body Snatcher and Other Tales

The Body Snatcher and Other Tales



Renowned as the author of such popular adventure stories as `Kidnapped` and `Treasure Island`, Robert Louis Stevenson also wrote gripping tales of terror and the supernatural. Stevenson`s considerable gifts as a teller of tales shine brightly in this choice collection of three of his best short stories. The Gothic tale of `The Body Snatcher` concerns a young medical student`s dealings with grave robbers who provide corpses to dissect and study — a practice that takes on increasingly sinister dimensions. Swirling seas, dangerous reefs, and inhospitable islanders provide the grim backdrop for a tale of greed, lunacy, and unbridled fear in `The Merry Men`, the name given by the inhabitants of Aros to the fearsome breakers that pound their tiny Scottish isle. `The Bottle Imp` — an intricately told tale of love and adventure, avarice and envy, and good and evil — centers on a magical bottle that provides its owner with all he desires, but at a great cost. This exceptional collection of tales will thrill admirers of the author`s craft as well as aficionados of classic horror stories.






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